BATCH-21: Interview with Creator Chett Boxley

A chemistry geek who loves beer, science, and skincare, that’s Dr. Chett Boxley, the creator of Batch-21. He is a craft beer enthusiast and home brewer that took his passion in beer to creating high-quality natural skincare products. Having a Ph.D in chemistry and a certified Natural & Organic skincare formulator definitely helped him formulate all of his products.

1. What's new and exciting this year for BATCH-21?

New for Batch Twenty-One this year is development and launch of our newest product, which is an anti-aging face cream along with a new and innovative body oil. I don't want to give too much away, but we are very excited about this new product sets, which will compliment our existing product lineup. The hops provide several benefits to the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties, these are all natural ways to help protect your skin from daily pollutants that we encounter throughout the day. The hops we add aren't just for show, they add a powerful protective punch for the skin! Plus when the hop oil is combined with the hemp seed oil, which is loaded with essential fatty acids, such as omega-6 and omega-3, the combination of the two is amazing! The hemp seed oil mimics that natural oils that human skin produces (male or female), such that the hemp oil is able to very deeply penetrate into the skin, moisturizing from deep within for soft supple skin. Proper hydration of the skin is very important to skin health! As usual with Batch Twenty-One, you can expect it to have all the amazing benefits of natural plant based ingredients, most of which are organic.

2. What inspired you (or the creator) to create batch-21?


I am the creator of the product line, and my inspiration was my love for hops (I have a garden full of hops), my love of independent craft brewing, and the powerful benefits of the hemp plant. Craft brewing has forever changed the beer market...and its for the better! I wanted to do the same for the skincare market. I do that by taking my time to handcraft in small batches each of my products, that allows me to control the quality of my ingredients that I use in Batch Twenty-One, and it gives me better control over the formulation process. Large scale production of personal care products can change the performance of the product, relative to small batch production. Its the same with anything else, when its prepared fresh and in smaller quantities, it just tastes better, or in this case works better. So we intentionally keep our batch production small. 

3. Can you tell us about the brand mission?

Batch Twenty-One's brand mission is to not only create products that are amazing for the skin, by using plant based ingredients that are organic and safe, but also to use materials that are good for the planet. As much of our materials as possible, we use only 100% recycled plastic containers, labels made from either recycled paper or bio-based plastics, and shipping containers that are recycled. Now just to be clear, I don't just mean the plastic is recyclable, which it is, I mean its made from post-consumer resin (PCR), which is a type of plastic that is made from recycled plastic. Its very challenging to do that, but its very important to us that our products are good for the planet as well. 

4. What is your favorite batch-21 product and why?

FTD soap 4.jpg

Well my favorite product is the Re-Grained bar soap. Its a gentle on the skin soap that leaves you feeling soft and moisturized (yes from a bar soap!), but the coolest part is that we add a little "spent brewers grain to the product. Spent brewers grain is the grain left over after the beer brewing process, and it is usually tossed out. We take some of that material, process it and add it to the soap during manufacture. It adds an amazing upcycled natural grain exfoliant, that keeps material out of landfills, and helps turnover those dead skin cells. I just love it! But my wife's favorite is the lavender & hops moisturizer. She swears by it...

5. Have you tried Korean food before? If so what is your favorite?

I used to travel to Daejeon monthly for work with SK Innovation (in a previous career path), and I loved it. I ate tons of Korean food of course...About three times a trip, I would make sure to visit my favorite little place in the heart of Daejeon to have bulgogi...the owner of the place was always over the top nice to me, so I made sure to see her as much as possible. But the way that she did her bulgogi I have never been able to find was sooooo freakin' good! I definitely enjoyed my time working only regret is not ever making it to Jeju island to check it out.

6. Where can everyone find you?

We are primarily direct to consumer. Our website is You can also follow us on Insta and FB the links are provided below. There are several spas and retailers here in Utah, and we are looking at ways to expand into other regions. 




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