JACK N' JILL: Interview with Brand Manager Maria Lopes and Co-founder Rachel Bernhaut

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Jack N’ Jill is a family business that started in Melbourne, Australia back in 1949 and is still going strong until today. All of their oral and personal care products are formulated with no unnecessary additives and chemicals making it safe to use by babies and the whole family. Since its launch, Jack N’ Jill is still being manufactured in Australia today and is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The brand was created specifically for many parents that are concerned about current environmental issues and the direct effects it might cause to their children. It was perfect timing to create Jack N’ Jill because the owners have a pharmaceutical background. It was easy for them to formulate products that are safe to use by everyone in the family, while also making it safe, fun, and eco-friendly.

1. What's new and exciting this year for Jack N' Jill?


This year we have launched our NEW Buzzy Toothbrush which is a clear favourite for Kids 3 years and up. It is a battery charged electric toothbrush with 3 settings, all 2 minutes each to encourage kids to brush for long enough! The first setting is our Buzzy song which kids love to brush and dance along with. The second setting is instructional and the final meeting is silent. We also launched an all natural Teething Gel (free from benzocaine & belladonna) in the states at the end of last year.

2. What inspired you (or the creator) to create Jack N' Jill?

The founders, Justin and Rachel, were inspired to relaunch the family owned toothpaste in 2009 when they returned from NY to Melbourne with their toddlers and couldn’t find a natural toothpaste on the market. They therefore rebranded the Toothpaste, and started selling locally. They also developed helpful natural tooth brushes that suitable for each stage of brushing from birth and up.

3. Can you tell us about the featured ingredients and the brand mission?

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At Jack N’Jill Kids we look for effective, natural alternatives to traditional chemical laden and plastic oral care. We believe in creating the most innovative, zero waste and safe products for families around the world.

4. What is your favorite Jack N' Jill product and why?

My favourite Jack N’ Jill product is the Sweetness Shampoo and Body Wash - love using it on myself!!

5. Have you tried Korean food before? If so what is your favorite?

I love Korean BBQ and can’t go past Kimchi with all my favourite Aussie BBQ - BBQ Eggplant with Kimchi is SSSoooo good!

6. Where can everyone find you?
Mother’s Market & Kitchen, Lassens, Erewhon, Organic Roots, Rainbow Acres, Rainbow Bridge

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