STORIED HATS: Interview with Co-Founder Zach Maurin


California summer is outrageous! We need to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays at all cost. Aside from the essential sun block and sunglasses, a good hat is another great sun protection. Introducing Storied Hats, a hat made just for you. All their products are handmade with high quality materials, that promises great value. Read on to find out more about Storied Hats and their Co-Founder Zach Maurin.

1. What's new and exciting this year for Storied Hats?

We're hitting the road on a 30 day mobile tour. We're going to LA, San Fran, Sacramento, Portland, Bend, and Seattle. When people see our high-quality hats in-person and try them on, they absolutely love them. So we decided it was time to bring them to festivals, markets, and concerts all over the west coast so that more people could get their hands on them, and make their forehead look awesome. 

storied hats van.jpeg

2. What inspired you (or the creator) to create Storied Hats?

We started Storied Hats because we couldn't find a great hats without logos. Our goal is really simple: to make hats you love because of the designs, the quality, and the values that went into them. What's on your head should be about you and your style — not about the logo of a company — and it should be made with values you can be proud to wear.

3. Can you tell us about the brand mission?

The apparel industry is one of the dirtiest in the world. Tons of chemicals are used in the process, which is terrible for the environment, the people making our clothes, and us, the consumers. There is a better way -- from using organics, which require far less water and use no pesticides or insecticides, to sustainable materials like hemp, flax, or ramie. That's our commitment at Storied Hats -- to use fabrics that are better for the people and the planet, as well as producing our hats in ethical factories. We should feel good about what we buy and wear, and we should use our money to support companies that are trying to do things in a better way. 

We're also very focused on quality and ensuring every customer has something they love. All of our hats have a lifetime guarantee and free returns if you're not totally happy. 

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4. What is your favorite Storied Hats product/design and why?

Our summer line is amazing. There are solid colors like ocean mint and stonewashed coral made from amazing organic linen. We also have our summer floral hats, The Blossoms, that are a vibrant with lots of colors.  

5. Have you tried Korean food before? If so what is your favorite?

I love Korean food! I make homemade ramen and loving adding fresh kimchi. And Gochujang is one of my favorite things to add to soups and sandwiches.  

6. Where can everyone find you?

We ship anywhere via our website, and please follow us on instagram

Rachelle Ang