SUJA: Interview with Brand Manager Bella Tumini


We live in a culture where a lot of unhealthy beverages are available. Suja’s founder found that niche and started to craft healthy and clean beverages as a way to live a plant-powered lifestyle. What started out as just a clean, healthy, convenient beverage, is now nationally- available product with their new kombucha and wellness shots. Suja Juice is now the nation’s leading organic and cold-pressed juice brand.

  1. What's new and exciting this year for Suja?

    This year we launched a line of Wellness Shots that are packed with powerful plant-based, multi-functional ingredients that support different need states like digestion, immunity and energy.

  2. What inspired you (or the creator) to create Suja?

    The founders had a shared dream to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition. Responding to a lack of clean, nutritious, and convenient beverages available, Suja’s founders crafted a line of organic cold-pressed juices as a convenient way to live a plant-powered lifestyle. Today, we carry on our founders’ mission to get the best quality organic and non-GMO beverages into as many hands as possible. Through the large-scale use of local, organic fruits and vegetables, and implementation of a breakthrough displacement technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP), Suja Juice has become the nation’s leading organic and cold-pressed juice brand.

  3. Can you tell us about the brand mission? 

    Our mission as a company is to democratize organic beverages and spark passion for earth’s powerful nutrients. We’re passionate about crafting a range of unique, functional and delicious beverages that harness the power of plants. We believe in keeping them organic, never (ever) GMO and free of preservatives, fillers and chemicals. From our cold-pressed juice to our slow-brewed kombucha, we have a product for every lifestyle.

  4. What is your favorite Suja product/design and why?

    Ah that’s a hard one- there’s too many to choose from. From our juice line, Lemon Love is an all-time favorite and one I consume almost daily. It’s freshly squeezed lemonade but with a hint of spicy cayenne and only 2 grams of sugar per bottle making it a delicious, guilt-free drink! My new favorite product has to be our Immunity Wellness Shot that features powerful ingredients like Turmeric, Ginger, Camu Camu, Echinacea, Black Pepper and Probiotics. I’m constantly traveling for Suja and whenever I’m heading out on a trip, going to a trade show or just feeling under the weather, I drink this tiny but powerful shot to get my immune health back on track and to give it the support it needs.

  5. Have you tried Korean food before? If so what is your favorite?

    Yes, I love Korean food! I’ve had the opportunity to try and explore many different dishes but my usual go-tos are either yukgaejang or bibimbap. I’m a sucker for broths and I love the richness of yukgaejang but when I’m not in the mood for a hearty, meat dish I’ll opt for vegetarian bibimbap.

  6. Where can everyone find you?

    1. Suja is available in all major retailers nationwide, including but not limited to Target, Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway and many other locations. We also have a variety of our products available on our website ( and through amazon for when you’d rather have Suja delivered right to your door!

Rachelle Ang